We understand that there are many young boys and girls that would love to do their part and volunteer in Imam Husain’s (عليه السلام) Procession. So we’ve done our best to create roles which are suited to the younger members of our team.

If you are interested in signing up for the 2018 Procession, use the form at the bottom of the page!

Please Note:

All volunteers under 16 must have parental/guardian consent.


We have a number of Alams that have the names of all members of the Holy Household! Some of our junior volunteers are responsible for carrying these during the Procession. They are then returned to a member of the Equipment team.

Lady Sakina's (a.s) lanterns

In honour of Lady Sakina (عليه السلام), who passed away after the tragedy of Karbala in the dungeons at Sham, we have arranged for lanterns to be carried. We are looking for 50 young boys and girls to carry these safely through the Procession.


We have lots of placards with short messages in English about the bravery and valour of Imam Hussain (عليه السلام). We look forward to seeing children carrying these important messages to the public eye on the day.


The Procession can be a weary and long experience for some attendees and the weather can sometimes make it more difficult. Junior members of this team are responsible for distributing food, drink and other items from the grass verges to the passing crowds.

Care Teams

There are plenty of tasks that happen behind the scenes at the Procession. But they are very important to making sure that everything goes right on the day. Runners are needed for a number of special jobs, such as stocking the zaris and floats with sweets, making sure zuljana is taken care of and delivering messages and items (like radios, flags and notes).

Part of the team

We always try to improve the Procession and so, we always look for what roles we can create to help us do so. If you have any ideas or have questions about certain roles, contact our Volunteer team!

Under 16s Information

Parent/Guardian's Information

Please provide all required information for the parent/guardian, without this information your application can be rejected.
Phone number and permission of a guardian is mandatory. without it, your application might be rejected)
For example allergies, disabilities, or anything else you may want to tell us about