If you alight at Marble Arch Underground Station (central line), please use Exit 3 to reach the Procession.

0208 863 5359
0203 539 4692

0777 543 4356 (general enquiries and administration)
0791 481 5477 (event day operations and volunteers)
0776 449 4361 (tabbarukh, distribution and coaches)


We urgently need volunteers to help with various tasks on the Procession day. If you are interested please sign up and join Arbaeen UK on Facebook.

Under 16? Still want to help? We are looking for younger volunteers to join our alam, flag and lantern teams. Sign up now!

Want to give something out at the Procession?

If you would like to contribute towards Tabbarukh (food, drink, leaflets etc) on the day, please contact our Distribution team.


Food, drink or other materials cannot be distributed without our prior authorisation!

All items for distribution must be cleared by our team first! 

This is for the safety and efficiency of the Procession – reading material, food, drinks and other items CANNOT be handed out without consent from our Stewards before the day of the Procession.

Flags, banners or placards of a political or non-Islamic nature are strictly forbidden. Items of this nature will be removed immediately.


If you wish to distribute any literature on the day, please let us know first. Contact our Distribution team today!

Who do I contact?

We have a large team working together to make the Procession possible. Not sure who to contact? If you cannot find the department you need, please use the contact form:

General Enquiries
0777 543 4356

Information & Education team
Media and PR
(number will be disclosed soon)

Volunteer Co-ordinators
0791 481 5477

Distribution (food, drink and literature distribution)
0776 449 4361

0776 635 7070