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Aiming to serve the community through producing innovative and contemporary media which sets to entertain, inform and educate all ages. Safeer TV is one of the newest television channels to lead char on creating content which is relevant and exciting to the British viewership.

Safeer TV will be giving full coverage of the Arbaeen Procession this year! Check out the live feed on their website.

#TeamGiveBack is the latest campaign from Who Is Hussain, aimed at encouraging people across the world to give back, inspired by the epic legacy of Hussain and the sacrifice he made.

The Zahra Trust works on a number of projects aimed at building a better and safer quality of life for all those that they can reach.

A multi-langauge TV channel providing alternative news, information, current affairs and entertainment programming from an Islamic perspective.

Ahlulbayt TV is the world’s first free-to-air, exclusively English TV network dedicated to delivering the pristine message of the Holy Prophet Muhammad and His Holy Household.

Hidayat TV is an educational and informative medium, striving to develop the UK’s Muslim community by covering a variety of welfare, current affairs, religious and educational topics.

Al-Qayim TV

Al-Qayim TV brings it’s initiative to spread the message of the Prophet Mohammed (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم)‎ and the Holy Household to the world, using the medium of documentaries, talk shows, topical discussions and news.

Al-Mahdi TV

Al-Mahdi TV is proud to be Pakistan’s first all Shia 3D HD & Digital news channel. Bringing the latest of innovative media to the forefront of our community’s computer screens, they strive to forward the message of the Holy Household to every home.

Stand With Dignity

Stand With Dignity are the Hussaini Islamic Trust UK’s sister organisation, working to spreading the message of Imam Hussain in the streets of New York. They have diligently worked on bringing an annual procession to the big apple’s public.

Wish to be our partners?

If you would like to be partners with the Hussaini Islamic Trust UK, please contact our media team now.

If you wish to partner up with the Hussaini Islamic Trust UK, please contact our media team.

We have a number of non-partner organisations joining us On the day of the Procession. If you wish to book a table for the Exhibition Circle, let us know!