What happens on the 40th day (Arbaeen) in Marble Arch?

On this day, every year, across the globe a gathering of people takes place in their hundreds to remember the last stand of Hussain (a.s), a noble man who stood against the might of a dictator, and laid down his life in upholding human values; dignity, honour and respect.

Why do people March?

Over the years, marching has been an important method of standing up and making yourself heard. Whether it is the suffragette movement, the civil rights movement, or indeed this Hussain (a.s) solidarity movement. We walk today in solidarity with the Hussains of our time to remember him, honour him and to remind ourselves of the values we so deeply cherish.

Who is Hussain?

Hussain (a.s) was a 7th Century leader who made the ultimate sacrifice for social justice in the face of corruption and tyranny. Alongside his family and friends, they stood up against injustice and oppression. Hussain (a.s) is the grandson of the Prophet Muhammed (s.a.w).

How can I get involved?

Spread the message of Hussain!

Using social media: #giftfromhussain

Guidelines for Pilgrims attending the London Arbaeen Procession

We strive to make the Arbaeen Procession better each year; this can only be done with your co-operation.

Specific guidelines have been devised with the help of  the Westminster Council, the Metropolitan Police and the Organising Committee in order to ensure the safety of pilgrims and the Procession in coming years. Please take note for the following rules:


Specific Rules

• Please co-operate and follow instructions given by our Volunteers at all times.

• This is a non-political event – therefore no political flags, banners or slogans will be permitted.

• Please remain vigilant at all times. If you see any suspicious behaviour, report it immediately to a Senior Steward (wearing the red Hi-Visibility vest).

• No qamma zani permitted (No Blades or blood visible).

• Bare chests are not permitted during the procession. Please ensure your chest is covered at all times and that hijaab is observed by all attendees.

General Rules

• Please be courteous at all times to fellow pilgrims, volunteers and the general public. The highest akhlaaq (mannerism) is expected from us all.

• Please do not drop litter; if there is no bin available please hand your litter to a volunteer.

• Please queue patiently for refreshments; Inshallah there will be enough food and drink for all pilgrims.

• Do not discourage non-Muslims from joining the procession.

• If the general public ask you questions about the event, kindly direct them to our Education Team (wearing the Blue Hi-Visibilty vests).


• Please wear warm, waterproof clothing. We suggest you wear gloves and bring an umbrella.

• Pickpockets operate in the area. Please pay close attention to your belongings.

• Women and men are normally segregated during the Procession, but we have a special section at the rear of the Procession for families. If you wish to walk together, please make yourself known to a volunteer on the day.

Procession Route
Exhibition Circle

This year we will be joined by a number of pioneering and respected organisations, all of which strive to bring the message of the Holy Household to the community of Britain.

Check out who will be joining our Exhibition Circle this year.