Mission Statement

To commemorate the Arbaeen anniversary of Imam Husain (عليه السلام) in the streets of London, in the form of a mourning procession. We strive to promote  the Sacrifices, Values and Legacy of Imam Husain (عليه السلام) and his brave companions to the general public.

About Us

The UK Arbaeen Procession is the largest annually organised Islamic event in Europe and leads the charge as the very first Arbaeen Procession of Imam Husain (عليه السلام) in the West.

Over the years, the Husaini Islamic Trust UK has built strong relationships with the local authorities, Westminster Council and the Metropolitan Police. We always endeavour to maintain a strong presence in the Muslim Community.

We strive for a peaceful and successful Procession and to cement a bond of unity and friendship between people of all ages and cultures under the banner of love for the Holy Household (عليه السلام). Inshallah, we hope to continue our work for the benefit of future generations. (if you would like to be part of the team, check out our Volunteers page)

What is the Arbaeen Procession?

The heroic stand of the grandson of the Holy Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم) has impacted a wide variety of people around the world. The ethical and moral principles that Husain (عليه السلام) stood for have given hope, direction and instilled love into the hearts of many. Every year – on the 40th day after his sacrifice – mourners walk in large numbers from the city of Najaf (Iraq) to his resting place in Karbala (Iraq) in his honour.

This event now takes place globally for those who cannot make it to Najaf. For those in the UK, we conduct the walk down Park Lane – in the heart of London – to commemorate this tragic event.

There are a variety of ways in which people mourn for this tragedy; some walk with heads down in silent contemplation, whilst others externalise their grief and emotions. These different ways show the diversity of the people that are affected by this heroic sacrifice.

How do we do it?

Every year we employ a variety of methods and tools to help us spread the word of the Holy Household and bring the essence of Imam Husain’s (عليه السلام) message to the streets of London.